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19.02.2018 PEPPP in stock (Limited amount) PEPPP is between U47700 and morphine.


03.01.2018 wishes everyone a great 2018. We dispatch orders from today on!

20.11.2017 2-CL-Diazepam in stock.

20.11.2017 Nachname, cash on delivery available for GERMANY! Nachnahme möglich für Deutschland!!

20.11.2017 Please friends, support and so on via

20.11.2017 2-CL-Diazepam in stock.

20.11.2017 Nachname, cash on delivery available for GERMANY! Nachnahme möglich für Deutschland!!

20.11.2017 Please friends, support and so on via

08.05.2017 5F-Pinaca in stock, new cannabinoid on the EU market. (wholesale available)

07.05.2017 Adrafinil in stock. 

17.04.2017 Our support has been affected by our new dispatching system, but these issues are now solved and we are back to our unparalleled support standards. Our shipping department works daily, if you receive a code do not worry, this is part of out security shipments policy. We are a genuine shop on the internet and guarantee your shipment and safety.

We appreciate your support and guarantee our service and quality !

15.04.2017 We wish all our clients Happy Eastern! Thank you for all your trust. We really appreciate that guys.

13.04.2017 Dear friends it has finally arrived: U-47700 Feel free to place your order.

02.04.2017 IMPORTANT Send your order payment confirmation code to , status from your order will be updated directly.

22.01.2017 MDPHP In stock (powder variation) best quality on the market!

19.01.2017 From now on you can write  your review by every product (just for registered customers). We really appreciate that! 

13.01.2017 Restock a-PVT a-PHP.

12.01.2017 NEW in stock ACE-TC (Whatsap Edition)

11.01.2017 Restock of 4F-MPH (Price drop!) 

08.01.2017 First new products of 2017 arrive 25I-NBOH Blotters and 25B-NBOH Blotters.

01.01.2017 Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr! is going for an amazing and successfull 2017 together with all our real researchers, friends and fans. Soon we will be presenting some new products, as always we will be one of the first who will offer to you the newest products.

27.12.2016 Ace Smokingblend 2017 is available

17.12.2016 New batch of A-PVT in stock, very high quality powder.

27.12.2017 All orders placed during Christmas will be shipped today. Support works like normal again!

17.12.2016 New batch of A-PVT in stock, very high quality powder.

10.12.2016 From 01.04.2017 4FA will be discontinued. So hurry up to create your own stock. Feel free to place your order.


08.12.2016 Diclazepam Blotters in stock. (Etizolam Blotters we stock already!)

07.12.2016 We made some typical Ace style products pictures for you, check out our current batch a-PVPBK-EBDPa-PHP and some more.

06.12.2016 NEW Cannabinoid in stock ADB-Pinaca. This Cannabinoid is very potent and new on the market.

06.12.2016 bk-EBDP (Crystals) in stock, we offer this product for an amazing price! Who else offers you 10 grams for only 90 euro?

03.12.2016 Check out our X-mas offers, we wish you all the best for the year 2017! 

16.11.2016 RTI-111 out of stock, no options for restocking in this moment.

15.11.2016 1P-LSD Blotters in stock, more new blots & pills follow the coming days.

11.11.2016 Due the high request we stock from now on Etizolam Blotters (2mg) Feel totally free to place your order.

10.11.2016 New in stock Ethylphenidate Crystals (EPH) & Buphedrone (MABP). Check out superb prices for this great RC's. 

10.11.2016 1P-LSD Blotters in stock. More Blotters and Pills will follow, you can find them all here

09.11.2016 We have upgraded our packaging methods, safer and stealthier packaging to insure a smooth delivery. 

01.11.2016 Lots of new stock from 3-MMC4-CMC4-MEC & 4FMA.

23.10.2016 New charge a-PVP & MDPHP in stock.

17.10.2016 BK-2CB Powder in stock (Limited Quantity) & Flubromazepam 8mg pellets (Limited Quantity)

09.10.2016 New charge a-PHP Crystals in stock. This are the same crystals as we stocked 2 months ago! GREAT quality!

09.10.2016 α-POP (PV9) crystals in stock. Nice product excellent feedback! 

03.10.2016 BK-EBDP soon in stock. This product is very close to MDMA and Methylone. 

03.10.2016 We have renewed our system. From now on bank payments will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving your payment on our account
If you pay via bank you will get 1 gram Alpha-PHiP powder or Ethyl-Hexedrone Rice Crystal for free.

04.08.2016 We are glad to inform you that we have novel rc in stock - RTI-111 (Dichloropane)This product has bad reputation due to lots of scam attempts. Numerous vendors sold mixture of unknown chemicals under that name. This time you can be absolutely sure about what you are buying from us. We are one of the only EU vendors that holds stock of this products. Compliments to our collegue vendor for designing this unique and amazing product. Make sure you are of the first who have the opportunity to research this product yourself.