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Our support is online daily from 10:00 till 20:00. Every day we send out orders, you get an update on your mail when your payment is received and when your order is shipped. Bank Transfer and Bitcoin orders shipped within 48 hours when payment is on our account. Cash on delivery orders shipped within 24 hours and take 2 - 5 days before you will receive your order.

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Please note: The chemicals offered are for research purposes, GC/MS reference only. You are ordering these products within Dutch laws and restrictions. does not advise on legality issues. does not ship to the Russia, Russian Federation, U.S.A,  Australia, Finland or Iran and other lawless countries.
With our vast range of products it is not possible for us to verify the laws in every country, so we rely on your information regarding the legality of specific products in your country. Ultimately, you are responsible for verifying the legality of the ordered products. You are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction. is a registered Trademark at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 


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